“A Bath and a Nap for Moses” – Help Support Blessing House

The delightful book, “A Bath and a Nap for Moses” is available for purchase in the church office while supplies last. Cost is $15. You will love this book!

Sponsored by the Social Concerns Committee.

It all started one day when Moses went with Sr. Mary to the Blessing House Car and Dog Wash. After he got his bath, he curled up for his nap and was thus the inspiration for this delightful book.

This book tells the story about Moses who comes to Blessing House often with Sr. Mary to keep the children company and help them feel at ease. Moses was adopted through the Golden Retriever Rescue group, GRIN, and now shares his love with the children who stay at Blessing House.

This delightful book is great to read with your children and grandchildren. Purchase in the church office Monday –  Friday, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Cash or checks made out to Blessing House accepted. All proceeds from the book go toward the care of the children at Blessing House.

Call St. Teresa’s office with questions:  440-934-4227.