Corona Virus Update: Frequently Asked Questions by Parishioners

1.  Will there be any Masses open to the public?

No.  Out of concern for everyone’s health, and to curb the spread of the Corona Virus, there will be no public masses at least through Easter.

2.  Can I make a spiritual communion?

Yes.  Televised or live-streamed online Masses provide daily opportunities for the faithful to remain connected to the Eucharist during this difficult time.

Click here for the Diocesan TV Mass: Diocesan Mass

3.  What if I have a Mass intention scheduled?

The Mass will still be said for your intention.  It will simply be said privately by the Priest.

4.  Is Baptism still possible?
Yes, but only in situations of great urgency.  In that event, only small private baptisms of fewer than 10 people may take place.

5.  Is a Wedding still possible?

Yes, however every effort should be made to reschedule it during this time.  If, however, a civil license is available, a wedding may be celebrated for the immediate family only (10 or less people).

6.  Is a Funeral still possible?

The Diocese recommends the following options:

A.  Bury the deceased using the Catholic Rite of Committal, and then schedule a memorial Mass for the deceased later.

B.  If a Funeral Mass is celebrated, only the immediate family may be in attendance (10 or less people).  The family must make note in the published obituary that the funeral Mass and burial are private family only events.

7.  Will there still be Parish Meetings or Religious Education?

No.  All classes, sessions, and meetings are to be cancelled regardless of the number of attendees.

8.  Can I still receive the Anointing of the Sick?

A Catholic can still be anointed in danger of death. 

Note: Please be aware Father Smith falls into the restricted group of priests who cannot anoint a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19 because of an underlying health condition.

9.  Is Eucharistic Adoration still available at St. Teresa Parish?

Yes, there will still be adoration available at St. Teresa, however in order to meet the guidelines given to us by the Diocese of Cleveland and Center for Disease Control, we must adjust when and how we do it.  For the Church to be deemed safe for the public, it must be fully disinfected after each day it is used.  In order for our Church to meet the new standards and guidelines, Eucharistic Adoration will now temporarily be available on Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 AM to Noon.  In addition, only 10 people maximum can be in the Church at any given time.  This is the only way we can allow people to pray, while keeping them safe.

This is a strange and chaotic time we are living through.  Our routines have been disrupted and many people feel angry and confused.  As your Pastor, I remind you that Catholics have always turned to prayer during times of crisis throughout the ages.  At this unprecedented time in our history, we must remember who we are: disciples of Jesus Christ.  Let us all join in prayer, wherever we may be, to pray for the health and safety of all our brothers and sisters.  Please know that I remember all of you each day in my daily prayers and Mass.  Pray that the Priest’s of the Church remain healthy and capable of ministering to the needs of the faithful.  May Mary, Our Spiritual Mother, and St. Joseph, Protector of the Holy Church, intercede for us now in this moment of difficulty.

Father Edward J. Smith