Social Concerns Committee – Outreach to our Parish and the Community

“Gifts for Baby Jesus” THANK YOU!

Thank you so much parishioners of St. Teresa of Avila. The Gifts for Baby Jesus collection 2018 was a huge success again this year and Birthright of Lorain was so very grateful. It took 3 cars loaded with your offerings to deliver the collection this year. I believe this was one of the largest collections of baby clothes to date, plus we had a parishioner (Mike Cloud) who had a baby formula drive at his business that pretty much took 1 car to deliver on its own. Besides all of the baby items in church, there was a cash amount of $435 collected in the December collection to give directly to Birthright, $100 to give to Blessing House, and $212 to put in our general fund. You have provided for quite a few Lorain County families this holiday season. The comment from one of the ladies working at Birthright during our delivery was “Baby Jesus is surely smiling down on us,” which sums it up the best. I would also like to thank Mike Cloud for extending this collection to his business, Audra and Maddie Palmer who helped us unwrap and sort the gifts for delivery, Barb Eifel and Dave for getting the tree ready, and Debbie and Sue for always being there and coordinating everything in the office, and thank you to those who gave for your continued generosity.

Help Support Blessing House!

“A Bath and a Nap for Moses” 

The book that tells the story about Moses, a Golden Retriever, who keeps the children at Blessing House company and makes them feel at ease. Books can be purchased from the Parish Office Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. while supplies last. Cost is $15 each. Cash or checks made out to Blessing House will be accepted.


Malley’s Candy Bars for Sale

These candy bars are only $1 each and are available in the rear of the church and in the church office. Proceeds go to the Mother Cabrini Food Pantry in Lorain.


We are looking for parishioners who would like to be a member of the Social Concerns Committee.

We support several different ministries in our local community including Lorain County Birthright, St. Elizabeth Center (Homeless Shelter), Blessing House, and St. Frances’ Mother Cabrini Food Pantry to name a few.  Call the church office for the date and location of our next meeting.

If you would like information on how to become involved with any of these activities please call the parish office at 934-4227 Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.